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Discussion in 'The Inn' started by Grazoth, September 17th,2007.

  1. Grazoth

    Grazoth Well-Known Member

    Hi there!

    As Im shure most of you regular visitors have noticed the forums have been closed for 1 ½ days.

    This is due to a server swap we have taken action on.
    The web is now located on a brand new server!

    This though has caused some minor bugs wich Im hoping on having got rid of by the end of the day!


    Welcome home again Maligned!
  2. Father-Time

    Father-Time Well-Known Member

    Nice work mate :)
  3. Grazoth

    Grazoth Well-Known Member

    Acually the above statement was an utter lie ;)

    The move was aborted and we are now back at the old server (except for the databases that now reside in the new server...powwa of internet)


    Since I didnt count on moving back I went on and installed a new router here at the old place last night...lets just say Ive never been through a bigger hell with network hardware ever...

    Without any indication as to why the router (A Linksys WRT54GS) did not let me resolve through it (meaning I had connection and the router could reach the internet but would not let anything through from this side)

    So after almost 5 hours of trying to get it all working it all of a sudden just popped and now it is working...I still dont know what was wrong...even fucking resolved to upgrading the firmware (on a brand new hardware! :O )

    anywho, the acual move will take place later this week hopefully when some DNS shit is resolved!

    Ta tA
  4. Mo

    Mo Well-Known Member

    we wuv you for doing all this for us /huggglywugglies
  5. Konjin

    Konjin Well-Known Member

    I translated that as


    Ate cake - was better.
  6. Grazoth

    Grazoth Well-Known Member

    Forumboards going offline for aprox 30 min, due to mysql shift
  7. Grazoth

    Grazoth Well-Known Member

    Hi there!

    Well...per usual we ran into a wall of trouble trying to do some simple mysql transitions...hopefully for the last time now.

    This lead to a complete wipeout of our database.

    Thankfully we had some partial dump files hanging around we managed to patch together and form a restore file.

    All forumposts are here, though the forum it self thinks it was last used around mid september. This you can see by looking at "last post" in the right column, it is a tad off...thankfully this will be no problem anymore assoon as we have new posts everywhere ;)

    We did loose 2 news though sadly, so thoose will have to be reposted
    checking up on lore, kp and all now. shouldnt be any problems there though
  8. Grazoth

    Grazoth Well-Known Member

    and its all thanks to Dave...he did belive it or not save the day
  9. Faunus

    Faunus Well-Known Member

    vicious rumours ...
  10. Raspi

    Raspi Well-Known Member

    knock knock

    lol it's rumours
  11. Grazoth

    Grazoth Well-Known Member

    Yupp same shit again hapened this weekend...getting sodding tired of it since its not just this site and ts on the server, having close to 30 siteowners calling me wondering when their site is coming online aint fun :p

    So Im moving machine, sending this piece of crap back to Dell for investigation...strange fucking hardware fault on it...

    Seems that randomly without anywarning or special event the onboard nic decides to loop incoming packets back to outgoing and viceversa...

    And after about 2 secs the nic is completly unresponsive..
  12. Faunus

    Faunus Well-Known Member

    Some software drivers force the hardware into local loopback mode when something on the board fails. I blame Windows, but others would blame the drivers. Either way, new hardware ahoy, imo. Good luck!

    P.S. Dell are no good anyway, you want to invest in some HP servers. Dell spend too much R&D on blue flashy LEDs and not enough time on hardware stability :wink:
  13. Grazoth

    Grazoth Well-Known Member

    I didnt invest, I didnt choose, I didnt do anything except install the sodding machine :(

    I blame cheap investors!

    So you mean there might be a relation to the phpbb board thats causing this error?
  14. Faunus

    Faunus Well-Known Member

    When I said "board" I meant "circuit board, being part of the ethernet card" not the forums :D
  15. Grazoth

    Grazoth Well-Known Member

    The downtime of all maligned webprescense and Teamspeak was due to a fiberoptics cable beeing torn apart at the serverhall the machine is located. Sorry for the inconvineance
  16. Konjin

    Konjin Well-Known Member

    I had one leg out on the ledge already when it finally came back online!
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