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    Progress has been good in the last five weeks although with thirty two active raiders our roster has never been smaller. Fortunately many of those that raid with us have great attendance and we have been able to take down ten of the Icecrown Citadel hard mode encounters, most recently Sindragosa last night during which we had all four of our current trials present.

    Even with the ten percent zone wide buff this encounter is no walkover and once some last moment changes were made to our phase three strategy things came together nicely and we were able to take her down with minimal fuss for another server first, our second in the heroic encounters with a first on Saurfang also being achieved with only the five percent buff.

    All the fights, with the exception of the Gunship Battle, have added interesting twists to the encounter and certainly stepped up the difficulty level although we beat many this week on our first attempt, with others that frankly should have been – beating nine of the hard mode encounters in a single four hour session.

    All that remains is both Putricide and the Lich King with the former looking feasible (forty five percent on our learning attempts tonight) and an accidental pull on the latter where our tank was hit for over sixty thousand. Ouch.

    Elsewhere, our ten man team has earnt the realms first Frostwyrm mounts with more to come as the various irritating stages of the meta are completed, currently only the Lich King heroic remains which of course is going to be quite a challenge.

    Lastly, it is somewhat sad to see our main competition on Arathor, Natures Wrath, possibly disband or stop raiding (that or the worst April fools gag we have seen). It was fun having something to keep the pressure on since the Algalon race and I hope its members find happiness in a new home. On an unrelated note, be sure to check out our class vacancies.
Thread Status:
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