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  1. Electronicus

    Electronicus Administrator Staff Member

    Another week and another server first, this time Sindragosa the formerly the prime-consort of Malygos, now the servant of the Lich King and the defining feature of the current World of Warcraft logon screen. While still yet another normal mode encounter it was obviously enough of a challenge that it took us over ten attempts but finally it all made sense and we took her down.

    Once again our experience in the ten man versions really helped out with two of our groups taking her down in that version so far this week. Without giving too much away if you can get the third phase sorted in your heads then you have yourself a kill with nasty stacking debuffs to take care of up until then it is just Sapphiron with a twist.

    With Sindragosa down and the other wings cleared we found ourselves ready to take on the only thing between us and the availability of hard modes, the Lich King.

    He is all nice and friendly until you start the encounter but then the fun begins. A multi phase fight where we did manage to reach the second but without much background reading and preparation I think we did very well to get that far and we are looking forward to seeing him again.
  2. Raspi

    Raspi Well-Known Member

    Who's the tauren standing with his back towards the camera? (on the LK screenshot)
    Thumbs up for that guy.
  3. Lassulock

    Lassulock Well-Known Member

  4. Seulaslintan

    Seulaslintan Well-Known Member

    i knew it was fuhur without even looking at the screenshot :D
  5. Fuhur

    Fuhur Well-Known Member

    Tbf, it was not intentional. :( will be more cautious on the HC LK kill screenshot!
  6. Gordian

    Gordian Well-Known Member

    I got naked for your screenshot and you cut me off the picture just like that! Shame on you.
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