The Big Erodar Himself - Archimonde HC down

Discussion in 'News' started by Holymac, October 26th,2015.

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    A massive congratulations to everyone for clearing Hellfire Citadel HC. Unlucky to those who missed it, I'm sure that there will be plently of future opportunities for you to join in and get the curve achievement.For the immediate future. We'll continue to clear HC as a priority.

    As for the long term future. I honestly didn't expect us to be at this point so soon which shows ignorance on my part as everyone has proved that the desire to experience the content this game has to offer is ever-present within the guild. How to proceed will require some thought and discussion and anything decided will be done democratically on the forums. Stay Tuned!
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    Whoop great job all! :)
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    Even after all those years, you guys still fail horribly at killshots.