The Ghoornies-- going coli25, Sat, 21:00

Discussion in 'The Inn' started by Konjin, October 27th,2009.

  1. Konjin

    Konjin Well-Known Member

    same as every week

    who will get one eyed willies treasure ?

    who will be chunk
  2. Booze

    Booze Well-Known Member

    i will!
  3. Electronicus

    Electronicus Administrator Staff Member


    Hey yoo guys.
  4. skabb

    skabb Member

    im in on hunta
  5. Dilluendo

    Dilluendo New Member

    Will come on DK
  6. Emille

    Emille Well-Known Member

    i'm up for it... oh wait
  7. iKonikqt

    iKonikqt Administrator Staff Member

    Have to miss it this week :( Being nerdy at Eurogamer