Ulduar 25 man: The third raid

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    As promised, here is a report on what Maligned got up to this evening. We returned to Kologarn and after a practice attempt we finished the fight in a manner that can only be described as something I am not going to share here. Needless to say, a kill is a kill and we will take it.

    Basically the boss is tanked and the majority of DPS takes on his right arm and dodges (with varying degress of success) his eye beams. Once the arm is down some nasty little bastards called Rubble are tanked and destroyed. Rinse, repeat and then create a bridge into the next area.

    And then just around the corner we meet Auriaya, an optional boss but to be honest she was in our way and had to be shown her place.

    The fight is all about the pull and then restraining the DPS. The latter was the biggest problem, but once we had that under control we were able to finish the fight quite easily. Next week we are going to practice putting the void zones in a place where everyone can get to stand in them and take lots of damage as we feel it is totally unfair that those unfortunate enough to have a tremor totem didn't get to experience the fight as it was intended.

    We checked out Hodir, ran away scared and entered a wonderful, magical land with trees and evil little flowers, dragons and demons. We took the easy route this week and killed the three sub-bosses. The first involved a unique method of tanking whch we only discovered when half the raid was dead "get aggro and then run away tanking" is new to the scene but we are pretty sure it is going to catch on. Freya herself is an easy boss but she does have friends, but they ultimately didn't provide a challenge.

    Before the DPS turns to focus on Freya herself, they have to take on six waves with one of three different strains of mobs raning from a big one who stops you being able to attack, a trio that need to be killed around the same time and many little mobs that explode when killed. Oh and there are trees that heal the boss. It did not take us long to master.

    With the revelation that frost damage could be reduced with frost resist gear, we return to Hodir and had some really promising attempts, we raided a little later than usual, we had the scent for blood, we knew it could be done - so we did it.

    I really enjoyed this fight. It is basically tank and spank with a few twists. You need to move to drop a debuff that will stack and to prevent yourself become an iceblock need to move into some runed areas after debris has fallen to prevent this. There are also NPCs available to help you but to be honest at its easiest we didn't need them, I am sure for the harder modes which generally consist of beating the boss before a certain time we will, but not yet.

    On Tuesday, we will progress once more into unknown content and I am counting the hours!
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