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Discussion in 'The Inn' started by Electronicus, October 31st,2010.

  1. Electronicus

    Electronicus Administrator Staff Member

    I have made the main switch to vBulletin as you can see, just to make sure that the forum posts don't get crazy out of line and we don't have too much downtime.

    Part of migrating away from such shitty forum software is that it didn't bring forum avatars with it - oh noes.

    Another part, well it didn't bring passwords. You will need to request your password be mailed to you.

    If you have an existing account, do not create a new one.

    You could also ask me or Gnarl and we will create a temp one, if your password is set as your username, I will stab you and also vBulletin will complain.

    Various users - like Diora, rurik - didn't even have an email address so you will need do contact us to get your login details.

    Another thing that didn't make it was forum permissions, so I denied everyone everything and am working backwards.

    There are various broken links, things not working but I am going nuts to get it all going again.
  2. Electronicus

    Electronicus Administrator Staff Member

    Todo list (incomplete):

    - Finish todo list
    - Fix broken images
    - Replace temp header
    - Replace temp footer
    - Complete forum permissions
    - Fix broken links
    - User permissions
    - Migrate eqdkp database, add links
    - Migrate lore
    - Add popular old smilies
    - Add other bbcode
    - Do cool unannnounced and unthought of things
  3. Electronicus

    Electronicus Administrator Staff Member

    The following users did not enter an email address when they originally signed up way back when. The accounts still exist but cannot be used as they don't have an email address that can be used to request a new password, so if you see your name on this list and do want to login, please get in touch with me in game, please don't create a new duplicate account!

  4. Electronicus

    Electronicus Administrator Staff Member

    I have upgraded the forum tonight and done some general clear up.
    I may have been over-zealous with my usergroup clean up so if legit members are unable to get the forum access they believe they should have, they can contact myself, Latill or Leylani.

    The update and the work I have done fixes alot of the issues with the forum, including some nasty template issues including some that might have given some people registration issues, hopefully thats all sorted now.
    Plus new features I am sure.
  5. Arlissa

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    Thank you, Elec!