Will of the Emperor

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    The core chamber of the vaults is protected by stone soldiers who have been motionless for centuries. They are row upon row of warriors, statues armed for a battle that never began. What treasures do they guard? And what is their tie to the titanic power buried with them here in the shadows?

    Maligned defeated the Will of the Emperor October but as we hit a recent milestone it felt like a good time for a news post.

    We have seen many changes in Cataclysm, we were freshly burnt out after our kill of the Lich King and with many leaving the game we made the hard decision to become a ten man guild. Progress in Cataclysm was fine and we made steady progress in both Fireland and the Dragon Soul, killing Deathwing many months before the launch of Mists of Pandaria.

    This new expansion, for Maligned, started slowly and we lost some players we didn't want to and others we were glad to see go, but ultimately we struggled to recuit and raid more than once or twice a week which severely hindered our progress.

    We made the decision to merge with Outland Shadows and have once again started raiding as a 25 man guild, last night we cleared Mogu'shan Vaults for the first time and have started working our way through the Heart of Fear again, nearly matching the progress of each ten man guild very quickly.

    After adjusting our tactics slightly for each fight, each encounter was cleanly executed and it is almost immediatly clear how much more room for error they allow and not having to worry about the classes present, certainly mistakes or RNG that would have wiped us previously were shrugged off and I for one are delighted at the feeling of forward momentum we have again.

    We have some catching up to do now and working out the final touches on composition and roles, but things are looking very nice indeed.
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    Great news - good to see some many players in one screenshot!
    Good luck with the merger!
    All the best for Maligned in raids & in between!