World of Predatorcraft

Discussion in 'The Inn' started by Konjin, June 25th,2007.

  1. Konjin

    Konjin Well-Known Member

    Here we go :eek:

    Just want to thank all the hard working actors, and also Rattius, for their parts in making this. You all showed extraordinary patience in this project, often dropping whatever you were doing and travelling all the way to STV, only to stand around for 2 hours waiting for your turn to be filmed. Not once did anyone moan, complain or say a bad word while filming, which I thought was great. Each and every shot you did, even it seemed a waste of time, was needed to put this film together.

    Special thanks to Steinway for being the original Dutch and coming up with the costume, and more special thanks to Groo, who spent longer than anyone with me in the dark dank jungles of stranglethorn, silently acting out his part to perfection and never knowing how it would turn out. Well, now you do!

    Warcraft movies link -

    Filefront link - ... einfo.html

    At the moment the warcraftmovies link only has premium server downloads and a link to filefront. The filefront link has a very nice quality streaming source if you don't want to download the big file itself. It's about 25 minutes long and 460mb in size.

    I really had a hilarious time making this, I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it.

    Apologies to everyone that took part in filming the "credits", but I was forced to remove that section due to file size limitations.
  2. Seniath

    Seniath Well-Known Member

    Downloading now, and I've tipped Kotaku off to this, so fingers crossed they run the story :D.
  3. Viria

    Viria Well-Known Member

  4. Konjin

    Konjin Well-Known Member

    Brilliant memories of hungover Saturday afternoons making this.
    I hope everyone enjoys it. It took what 6 months but we got there in the end - the camp attack scene is magical, watch for it.
    /salute to everyone who put the time in and showed up even if it was to cast a single frostbolt!
    I hope its well received and gets the attention it deserves.
    A piece of Mal legend that we'll always have to look back on when wow is long and dead.
  5. Konjin

    Konjin Well-Known Member

    Crap I cant get this at work (stupid work)

    Cant wait to see it even though ive never watched predator at all

  6. Darklore

    Darklore Well-Known Member


    STV will never be the same again for me!
  7. Konjin

    Konjin Well-Known Member

    Awesome job guys :wink:
  8. Konjin

    Konjin Well-Known Member

    Hey guys!! just watched it, it ws awesome!!
    great work chaps :D
  9. Mo

    Mo Well-Known Member

    DLing it... cant wait!
  10. Zuloo

    Zuloo Well-Known Member

    Aye its awesome - absolutely brilliant - really amazing job Zend (and the rest of you).
  11. Arquai

    Arquai Well-Known Member

    absolutely brilliant indeed! Awesome job guys. Proud to be a part of it.
  12. Konjin

    Konjin Well-Known Member

    Thanks Zend! That was ace!

  13. Viria

    Viria Well-Known Member

    Excellent job. I loved it.
    The only flaw is the quality and volume of the voice-over, sometimes it's really hard to hear it. Apart from that, great stuff, I spammed it all over the ney already. :)
  14. Father-Time

    Father-Time Well-Known Member

    Very, very good, good job all.

    Shouldnt this be in the public section :)
  15. Grazoth

    Grazoth Well-Known Member

  16. Pacifier

    Pacifier Well-Known Member

    I just watched the streamed one from filefront, although the crappy stream quality it was brilliant.

    Awesome job guys, very nicely done.
  17. Konjin

    Konjin Well-Known Member

    My god that was excellent - Groo is definitely a better actor than Arnie any day!!

    Please Please tell me you are sending this to Blizzard.
  18. Konjin

    Konjin Well-Known Member

    I've been really looking forward to you releasing this. Fantastic job!

    Congrats on Featured Movie at :)
  19. Ithaqua

    Ithaqua Well-Known Member

    Fooking amazing Zend!

    Well worth the wait and the aggro o/.

    Good job to all involved! :D
  20. Konjin

    Konjin Well-Known Member

    Yea, send it to Blizz, Zman.
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