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Discussion in 'The Inn' started by Bobbyfunk, September 24th,2010.

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    Fuck me you're a huge cunt.
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    That's some real decent mixing there, Bobby. Wish i had the knowhow and tools to do it for my own music. Limited to FL Studio as my DAW. Now the music ain't really my style but from what i've heard from that genre, it sounds pretty solid. I'll have your baby's if you start to make Memro (Tricks of the Tail) kinda DnB.

    TBH i was waiting for Mr Oizo to make his appearence somewhere in that song :)
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    The mix was decent I enjoyed it.

    I am a producer and make some of this deep funky house style and Emille in conviction told me that you were into dance music as one of my tracks had been entered for a prize so we were discussing it. So I thought I would come by check your mix out and give you a few links to check out...

    Kind regards let me knwo your feedback you can chat to me in game or simply leave a comment on my soundcloud page.

    regards - Phoenix93 (aka) Bolain
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    Already listened to the unfinished one. I like it.

    Hope this helps. Plz smoek weed.